About Us

We have raised sheep at Hickory Hills since 1978. We started out with 10 sheep and have grown to approximately 100 ewes.

It is our belief that food and animals should be grown and raised naturally. That includes our vegetable garden and orchard, as well as our free-ranging turkeys, ducks, peafowl and chickens. Our flock of approximately 100 Rambouillet/Merino Cross Bred ewes is rotationally grazed year round with lambs on pasture summer through fall. The ewes birth their lambs on pasture, which decreases disease and promotes healthier lambs. We have plans for producing either solar or wind energy in the near future.

Our working dogs, Josie (110# Great Pyrenees sheep guard dog); and Owen and Seeger (fanatic herding Border Collies) are as prominent and vital on the farm as the sheep. We have only had Great Pyrenees dogs since 1998 and the Border Collies since 2001. Looking back, we wonder how we ever managed without them.

We are both active in the Buffalo County 4-H program and are also involved in several other community boards and organizations.  Judie retired in 2011 after working for over 40 years as an occupational therapist.  The last 25 years of her career, Judie worked in 4 area school districts serving students with disabilities.  She was active in both her state and national profession organizations and made numerous presentations at state conferences.  Judie was a mentor and clinical supervisor to many students pursuing degrees in occupational therapy.

In 2005, Greg received an award for his land conservation and preservation practices from the State of Wisconsin office of the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Services.