Wool Products

Hickory Hills Farm yarn is made from the finest wool of our 100 Rambouillet/Merino Cross Bred ewes. Because the Merino and Rambouillet fleeces are so fine with a lot of crimp in them, they make very soft yet strong yarn. Our wool is processed naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals, so that the wool remains soft. You can even wear this wool next to your skin without irritation.  Our yarn is available in natural colors which comes from blending darker fleeces with lighter ones, giving various shades of brown to almost gray.  We also have dyed some of our white yarn red, green, purple, yellow, and blue

Our yarn is available in 2-ply (sport weight) or 3-ply (worsted weight) and is for sale on this website. The 2-ply yarn runs 4-4 ½ ounces or approximately 325 yards per skein and the 3-ply runs 4 ½ -5 oz  or approximately 215 yards per skein. The 2-ply is excellent for making indoor sweaters, socks, mitten liners, vests and even hats. The 3-ply is best for making outdoor garments such as warm socks, hats, scarves or mittens. Caring for our wool is easy  and it washes well. Of course you should hand wash most wool products and NEVER put them in the dryer.

The sheep are shorn every spring before lambing begins, usually in mid April. Local schools have been bringing students to Hickory Hills each year during shearing since 1984, allowing them to have hands-on learning experiences with wool and sheep farming. After shearing, Judie takes her spinning wheel into classrooms to show the students what happens to the wool after shearing.

If you want a skirted fleece for washing, carding, and spinning yourself, contact us before April 15.

Roving is available in natural colors only. Each ball of roving runs about 2- 2 ½ oz per ball.

Send us your address and we will send you a sample card of the different colors and samples of the 2 and 3-ply yarn. Once you knit or crochet with this super soft yet strong natural wool, you won’t want to use anything else.