Hickory Hills Farm
  Owned and operated by Greg and Judie Sage

Our farm is located in a secluded valley in West Central Wisconsin. We practice the principles of sustainable agriculture and land conservation on our farm. We believe in growing food and raising animals naturally, from our vegetable garden and orchard to the free-ranging turkeys, ducks, peafowl and chickens to our pasture-fed sheep. The flock of approximately 100 Rambouillet/Merino Cross Bred ewes is rotationally grazed year round, with lambs on pasture summer through fall. Our farm is free from herbicides, pesticides and growth hormones.

Our yarn is made from the finest wool in our flock of Rambouillet/Merino Cross Bred ewes that  we have carefully bred since 1980. The Rambouillet and Merino sheep are known for their fine,  soft wool. Yarn is available in 2-ply (sport weight) or 3-ply (worsted weight).  Besides yarn in natural colors,  we also have yarn that has been dyed red, blue, purple, yellow, and green.  Our yarn products are available for purchase on this website.

Our lamb is served at fine restaurants throughout West Central Wisconsin. Lamb, processed lamb products and free range turkeys are only available directly from Hickory Hills Farm.